Our Story

Seka Candles is a black-owned business run by a one women team (Not sure if the word team still applies).

The inspiration for Seka Candles grew from not only being a candle lover but finding a sense of peace and tranquility through candles. I had struggled mentally for a long period and at my lowest was introduced to meditation during my therapy and coaching.

I soon became passionate about health, body positivity, well-being, and mindfulness which led me to the introduction of Seka Candles. This brand stemmed from my intentions to bring the peace and tranquility that I found in candles and deliver that to others.

What does 'Seka' mean?

The brand name Seka Candles originates from the Shona language in Zimbabwe, ‘Seka’ which translates to ‘laugh/smile’.
(Sekerera directly translates to smile but Seka just sounded better)

Candles filled with love and light

Seka Candles focuses on mindfulness and wellbeing, our soy and eco-friendly candles are infused with essential fragrance oils, such as roman chamomile and lavender which are known to soothe anxiety and stress and improve mood and sleep.

On each candle is a motivational (inspirational) quote so that whoever lights the candle can understand that they are not alone and have a piece of tranquility in their home and truly seka from within.

Seka Candles can be used for meditation, yoga, and relaxation and to create a euphoric and pleasant atmosphere in your house.  

Our candles are eco-friendly and made from eco-friendly soy wax. As not only do we care about mindfulness and well-being and delivering amazing scented candles, we also care about our environment as by giving back to the earth and caring for the environment, we in return care for ourselves.